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Connect RV 65

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Connect RV 65

Connect RV 65 Cell Booster

Live your RV travel life to the fullest with the weBoost Connect RV 65.  The Connect RV 65 is designed to overcome coverage challenges at campsites or other remote locations with its unparalleled 5-band cellular connectivity.  The Connect RV 65 is FCC-approved to make the most of the existing cell signal conditions throughout North America.

Who Is This For?

For RVers desperately needing better signal at the camp or on the road.  The weBoost Connect RV 65 is a multi-user wireless signal booster. This means everyone using a smartphone or cellular device inside your RV or camper can enjoy enhanced 4G LTE and 3G cell signals for fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster network speeds, and improved audio and video streaming.

Kit Includes:

  • Connect RV 65 Amplifier (65 dB Max Gain) - 471203
  • Telescoping Pole (up to 25') - 900203
  • Wall Mount - 990056
  • Inside Wall Mount Antenna - 311155
  • Outside Wide-Band Directional Antenna - 314475
  • White RG-6 Low-Loss Cable 30' - 950630
  • White RG-6 Low-Loss Cable 15' (x2) - 950615
  • AC/DC Power Supply 5V 4A - 850012
  • Hardwire Power Supply 12V DC Fused - 851111

5G Ready - weBoost boosters will work for the next decade and beyond.

2 year